Movie Review

The Jesus Accounts: Fact or Fiction? has won many awards, and deservedly so. It takes a very dry, academic subject, the historical accuracy and reliability of the New Testament accounts about Jesus, and turns it into a fascinating exploration of the truth.

The movie starts out asking people on the street whether they believe the Bible. Of course, they’ve been taught that the Bible is untrustworthy. So, the rest of the movie is searching for answers to prove the reliability of the New Testament. Along the way, scholars like Dr. Peter Head of Cambridge University investigate everything from the making of papyrus to ancient monasteries.

Very carefully, The Jesus Accounts reveals that there are more than 120 old papyruses of the New Testament and 300 codices written shortly thereafter. Furthermore, there are 31,000 quotes by other writers that, if you put them together, one could reconstruct the whole New Testament. This is vastly more information than we have about any other historical figure from ancient times, including Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great or anyone else! The Jesus Accounts demonstrates unequivocally that the oldest manuscripts of the Christian Gospels are completely consistent with the present day Bible.

Many Christians already know this information, but many others have never come face to face with the historical reliability of the Bible. The solution is for those who are true believers to show this video to their friends. Through pictures, words and interviews, it makes the case that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.

-review by Dr. Ted Baehr